TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

I Only Turned My Back For a Second...

Went out front to move the sprinkler a while ago. And to have a smoke...

Came back in sat in here at the computer. A minute or so later a very unpleasant but di-stink-ed odor assailed my nose...

The dog had laid a very messy and smelly landmine in the living room...*sigh*

I’ll be so glad when this place sells...

We had been in discussion as to how the possessions should be split up...I had laid a claim to the living room furniture... Having second thoughts about that at this point. The dog has laid claim to the easy chair and I am not sure if I’d ever be able to get the dog smell out of it...And I really don’t like that smell.

I think she can have it... All of it.

About the only things besides my office stuff I want (downstairs) is the coffee table and the little side table in the den. I’ll just go buy a new chair and sofa once we get the house stuff settled. Had my eye on a sofa at Ikea for a while now...I love that store.

The Offspring has an Ikea love seat and I have always liked that thing...
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