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A Most Unpleasant Experience

Got to the Park and ride relatively early this morning as I had a full morning of meetings that would take me right through lunch time.

*sigh* Don’t really like these kinds of days and luckily I don’t really have too many of them.

Got right on a bus, as the commuter line (Remember the Slugs and Body Snatcher game I play to get to work?) was just too damned long.

And as the bus pulled out of the lot a few of us realized that something was wrong. Terribly wrong. It felt like the AC was not only not working, but it seemed to be blowing warm air.

Dunno how many of y’all have experience with living in a tropical area, but this morning when I left the house the temperature was already in the 80’s. It was hot.

And since buses no longer have opening windows in them, it would seem to be paramount (at least in the summer) to have the climate control in good working order. Apparently NOT!

By the time the bus got halfway to downtown Houston the atmosphere was positively sweltering! Quite a bit of cursing the Metro going on around me, myself included.

When we hit the outskirts of downtown, the air in there was stifling. I couldn’t even concentrate well enough to read. (!)

By the time I got off the bus (two stops early, mind) it was actually cooler outside than it was on the bus. Mid 80’s and climbing...

Jeebus! I needed a shower by the time I hit the door at One Big Clam Plaza. I’m not an exec so showers are NOT provided. *grins*

Probably one of the most miserable rides I’ve ever had on a bus. And there have been a few...

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