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In Our Efforts To Leave No "Stone" Unturned...

This just in...

It turns out  that The Scion of the internets, TexasT's will not be attempting to deliver a Kidney stone any time in the immediate future. When asked about this turn of events, TexasT's issued this statement:

"We are delighted with the outcome (or lack of it!) of this particular situation. We are looking forward to the resolution of the actual ailment. Whatever that is..."

TexasT's saw both his Principal Care Physician as well as his Urologist today. After two urinanalysi the results are conclusive! Both have assured him that there are at present no Stones in his system that are poised for delivery. The investigation into the cause of the original symptoms continues.

Mr. T's also had a complete spine series of X-Rays today to see if the culprits lie there. Mr. T's further was given a regimen of anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers to see if this will "flush" the pain in his back out!

TexasT's also said today he will be contacting the TexasDOT to ascertain why it was he had to spend FOUR HOURS commuting to and from the Medical Center on Gessner @ I-10 and the Houston bedroom community of Katy, Texas.

"I understand there is construction ongoing in the area but this is an OUTRAGE. AN OUTRAGE! I tell ya! One and a half hours to go 12 to 15 miles one way is unacceptable. And to have to do it twice in one day is simply exhausting*cough-cough*"

TexDOT representatives were not available for coment. Although one anonymous source at the department,

"did wonder why that dumbass,  TexasT's didn't have his appointments set closer together?"

Attorney's from TexasT's organization immediately asked Judge Wilberforce T. Fuggetaboudit (WTF) to issue a gag order on Mr. T's,
"So's he didn't make any more of a dern fool outta hisself in public than was absolutely necessary."

HizzHonor signed the order without delay...He must know TexasT's.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Internet...
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