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And Another Thing (or TWO)(or THREE)

Had kind of a OMGWTF?! moment today at work...In a good way.

One of my co-workers looked at me this afternoon and asked me (seriously, too) how I was feeling because, “You sure seem to be in a good mood!

Made me laugh. Told him, “Yeah, I was feeling pretty all right.“ Got me to thinking though, is my higher dosage of meds already having a positive effect? Could be, I guess.

He was right though. I was positively cheerful. For me any way. *grins*

It would be really nice to be back to the old TexasT’s. One that very few people here on LJ have seen. I am not an overly cheery person at the best of times. But I can be happy with the way I am, and be a positive force rather than a pessimistic one. At least I’d like to think so anyway. Or maybe some where in between. I dunno any more.

Let’s just say that I am realizing I am still a work in progress. HA!

I Fell This Weekend

And did a number on my ankle and knee. While the ankle is still giving me a twinge, it has improved and the knee has got a pretty good bruise and the wound has pretty much crusted over. I have a post about last weekend that just isn’t quite ready to go yet and I talk about this and other goings on. Got some nice pictures though...No, not of my knee and ankle. That would be gross.

But you’ll just have to W-aaaaaa-iiiiiiiii-t...

Will It Rain?

Got a pretty good light show going on outside right now. Mostly high altitude heat lightning, but there’s some lower stuff too. And every once in a while there’s that low rumbling thunder that sounds like it is just beyond the horizon. We could sure use some rain. Just looked at the radar and it looks close. But it could just take a wide run AROUND Casa del TexasT’s!

That’s the news from Lake WHOA-BE-GONE.

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