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Weekend Update...


Farted around at the house for most of the day. Was too hot to do much else.

I did get over to The Canadians late Saturday afternoon.

Interesting ride over...

We had a nice grilled fish accompanied by fresh asparagus and carrots. Beer for me and wine for them. We were gonna go shoot some pictures at the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park after dinner. But there came a rain...And what a rain it was. I had noticed on the way over that off to the east, trouble looked to be a brewin’.

It was quite the thunderbangin’ lightnin’-o-fyin’ show! So no pictures of the fountain or the japanese garden. I did get a few of the sunset after the storm though. These came out quite well. Best of the bunch?


And I got a few lightning shots as well. These ain’t so good, but hell, it was my first attempt. Maybe next time.


The sunset pics and lightning pics were put into this set: Sunsets, Sunrises, and Sky Shots

Couple of nice shots of Mr. Canadian. My favorite of the bunch...


And some macro practice as well.


I kinda like the view of the chair back THROUGH the wine...But that’s just me. Makes me want to try some other shots like this.

Sunday -

Met the girls at The Offspring’s apartment so we could go out for breakfast. We went to Baby Burnaby's Of course this being Montrose parking is at a premium, so we had to park about a block away. Walking over to the restaurant, I was listening to my girls and not really paying attention to where my feet were going.

And I stepped into a fucking water meter box that was set in the sidewalk. Twisted my ankle and went DOWN. Hard. Busted up my knee pretty good too. Was lucky that the damned cover had just cracked and fell into the hole. I don't even want to think about what would have happened had the cover not been there.

That smarted! The Offspring asked me if we needed to go back to the apartment, and I was like, “Oh Hell, no! I’m still hungry aren’t you?“

So we went on in. At one point I pushed back from the table and The Offspring got a look at my knee. ”Dad, I think you need to go clean that up.“

Looked down and not only did my knee look like raw ground beef, but blood was running down my leg as well. Classy. Very Classy. Limped into the john to take care of that mess. Once we finished eating and were back at the kiddo’s apartment, I cleaned with peroxide and slathered it in Neosporin.

Had to get alleycat2681 to drive home as I didn’t think I could clutch...Made a stop at the hardware store for a new hose. See this post: Garden hose 2, TexasT’s 0. Walking was beginning to be a bit of an issue without advil or something, too.

The house showed Sunday as well.

Managed to not screw anything else up for the rest of the weekend. So that’s good.

Kinda disappointed in the weekend but hell, they can’t all be little slices of heaven now can they?

And I bailed on work Monday too.
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