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Actually Kind of Excited About the Bike.

And a little apprehensive too.

Just back from the Bike Barn and lunch...

Was almost ashamed to take that bike into the shop. But as I said gotta start somewhere, right? I have no doubt, this is gonna hurt me. At first.


Man, is it grunged up too. Chain and derailleurs and the front sprocket are all dry and rusty. The frame looks like I should run it through a car wash. The seat cover is all cracked and brittle and both tires are flat. Dry rot has set into both tires and tubes.

The Rack I got, a Saris Bones for two bikes, is completely recyclable and made from recycled materials. Mounts easily on and off.



Ready for transport


The guy at Bike Barn didn’t look too disgusted though. Probably seen worse. I have to remember this bike in probably 15 to 17 years old. Jesus Has it been that long since The RedHead and I bought the matching set we had? I guess so.

So the tech guy gets a look at it. This is what he said.

Both tires and tubes are dry rotted.
Wheels are out of true.
Chain might need to be replaced.
Every thing needs cleaned and lubed.
New brake-pads
Derailleur and sprockets will need cleaned and adjusted.

The basic tune-up is $70.00 plus parts. And they charge to install tubes and tires.

Oh and I bought a new saddle too. My 51 Year old ass was NOT gonna like that stock seat...Sooo. Got one with a bit more spread to it *grins* and a little more padding, and it has a slot going down the middle...And better springs. I think it is made by Bell.

That’s all I got. For now.
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