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Still Here...and Still Kickin'

Thanks for all those well wishes.

Did not really sleep for shit, despite the fact I had one of the girls bring me the Darth Vader Machine. Hospitals are not really conducive to rest though

Every couple of hours someone is coming in to poke you somewhere. EKG's, blood work, vital signs..

Been X-Rayed, CT Scanned, vaccinated. I think I'm being well cared for...

Supposed to see a cardiologist this afternoon and perhaps a stress test...

Dunno when they'll cut me loose, yet. Or if...

My girls are here right now. The Offspring brought her laptop, 2 newspapers and a magazine... alleycat2681  brought me a change of clothing. She is also convinced that the meal at Fogo D Chao had something to do with this...

Feelig alright. Tired but, OK

More later

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