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Well That Was Fucking Scary

Called the Cardiologists’ Office to setup an appointment and was informed by the appointment lady they do not accept my insurance. And I need to call my insurance company to see if the doctor (or another) is in my network...“We’re Sorry...”

Well, that kind of left me in a panic.

So I went upstairs got dressed and was going to call my regular doctor AND the insurance company to find out WTF!?

By the time I got back downstairs, the appointment lady had left me a message saying basically, “Oops! The hospital had your insurance wrong...Call us back and I can set you up...”

Well, yeah I’ll be doing that, but let me tell you, I had one helluva(n) adrenaline surge after that first phone call. Still shaking...

I hate dealing with the insurance company. But I still need to call themn to see if they cover some kind of weight loss program...

I will still call the PCP’s office...

Now, about those tests...Gotta make a call.
Tags: 42, omg, stupid shit, zomg
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