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So now I have an appointment for Monday for the stress test and Thursday for the Echo (Cardiogram, I think?) and a Carotids ultrasound.

Also have an appointment to see my Doctor tomorrow morning. Just want to discuss this whole frickin’ thing. No one as yet has really told me what the fuck happened, and I’d like her insight. And just what does “Take it easy...” mean.

So yeah it looks like I’ll be out tomorrow as well. AND Monday. Sorry Boss!

The Doctor that I talked to in the ER that night was very sobering. His candor was all right, but sobering. He said, “Tom? You are pretty screwed up. You are at least 60 lbs over weight.” And he used a word I hadn’t really considered too ~ Obese. I hadn’t thought I was Obese. Fat yeah...Obese? Well This morning I got to looking up a few things and yes, I certainly qualify as obese...Shit. Honestly I never even thought about it. And my BMI is way high.

obese |ōˈbēs|
grossly fat or overweight.
obesity |-sitē| |oʊˈbisədi| noun
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin obesus ‘having eaten until fat,’ from ob- ‘away, completely’ + esus (past participle of edere ‘eat’ ).

He also said, “You are in deplorable shape, and you smoke. Let’s face it, if you do not make some changes right now, you are gonna be fucked.” That is a direct quote. His exact words...Never had a doctor use the ‘F’ word before. And I hope I never do again. Unless it is because he hit his finger with a hammer or something.

I asked him about mild exercise like walking or biking. He said that to lose 1 (ONE!) pound you would have to walk the equivalent of Katy, the small town where I live, to downtown Houston. That is like 20 something miles...And to lose a pound riding a bicycle you would have to do that 7 times!

He himself recommended that I go to Quick Weight Loss Center. He used them. I did some research on these guys today. They guarantee results. With no exercise The plan seems to be quite expensive. With a large paid cost upfront. And I see further, that once you are in they try to sell you branded supplements. With high pressure sales tactics.

I hate that kind of shit...I may see if I can get a consult (for free) and ask a bunch of questions. But I just talked to my Doctor’s nurse and she didn’t think that this is a really good way to do weight loss. Something else to discuss with the doctor tomorrow.

But I think for me, Weight Watchers may be the way to go. They even have a program specific to men. There’s a meeting not too far from here and I think I’ll go (this evening) to see what they have to say. (Possible I could even ride my bicycle once I get going.

And they have a pile of online tools as well. So as long as I am serious and are ready to make a lifestyle change, this maybe the way to go. And I can go online or to meetings...But online is one thing and meetings is another. I think they may be separate but equal.

I need to buy a bathroom scale as well.
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