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Yesterday and Today So Far?

First of all let me say a big, fat *grins* THANK YOU! To you who are in my HUGE cheering section!

Had an 8:30 with my Doctor, doctor. My call to the office was timely, it seems as they wanted to do another glucose test as my numbers from the last one were a little high. Asked them to test my cholesterol as well. It will probably be out of the park!

I also had yet another EKG ~ Normal I presume, as no-one flipped out. Although they did have to take my blood pressure twice. Still low ~ within the good zone though.

She is also mystified as to what happened during The Incident. And I haven’t had any since Tuesday. Could it have been a panic or anxiety attack?

We agreed that with the state of my health it would probably be a good thing to have the stress test and the others as well. Although she did tell me that if the test goes badly, they are likely to whisk me into the hospital right away. It’s a couple blocks away.

What? WHAT!?

Okay that done, I let the vampires have some more of me.

Oh yeah, when I weighed in? 254. WTF? I was only in there 3 weeks ago. And was at 266? Another what? WHAT?! moment. I mean I made some changes but not enough to account for that. So we agreed that maybe the scale was off last time?

12 pounds difference is a little too much, I think for the bullshit changes I made.

Asked the Doctor about a good target weight and we agreed upon 200 pounds. I think maybe I could weigh a little less but she says I may not look so good at 188 or so. 200 it IS! It will take some time to loose fifty plus pounds. Time will tell.

So last night.

I went to a Weight Watchers meeting. And after the meeting signed up right there. Place is close enough ~ 2 miles ~ I COULD ride my bicycle once I am cleared to do so. Was a very pleasant experience.

So once I study this points thing a little closer I’ll be ready to get started...

This is ALL good GREAT stuff!
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