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"The House is Being Inspected Tomorrow"

I was informed this afternoon.

“You need to hook the smoke detector up downstairs. And do you know where the upstairs one was stashed?”

Noooooo. But I remember unhooking the bugger after an extended power outage. That would be better read: Noooooooo. I remember tearing the damned thing of the wall because it wouldn’t SHUT UP! in the middle of the goddam night.

You think it might have been too much to ask to call me? Instead of springing this on me at half seven in the evening? No? Well, all righty then.

So got the downstairs one hooked back up to the mains and tested. No telling where I put the other one though. It was malfunctioning pretty regularly as I recall. And we had had enough of that noise.

Reckon I’ll just go buy one then... So off to the french store, Target I go. Figure I’ll get a smoke detector and a few groceries while I am there. But apparently Smoke detectors are seasonal at Target? Not in housewares and not in small electrics.


...Then I need to go to Home Depot. That goes off without a hitch, but what to do for dinner? I was gonna get summat at my first stop...But I didn’t figure on having to go to the hardware store as well.

Stopped at panera breads for a soup and a salad. Probably better for me than what I would have gotten at Target... No matter. A leisurely dinner and then back to the house for Part 2 of A tale of 2 Smoke Detectors. *grins*

Up with no incident other than assembling the tools to do so... Another Dragon Slain!

Had a fairly nonproductive day at work...Think I might be a little distracted, eh...

Well, I did wade through the several hundred emails I had since last Tuesday when I left the office. But as far as any real work? F-O-R-G-E-T I-T-!

Just a pretty mundane and routine day.

How’s by Y’all?
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