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So It is Down to These, I Think...

Just a quick post because I gotta go get some rest...

I’ve looked at a bunch of stuff in the last few days... I am about apartmented out...

And it is... Down to these...

So... The first two are virtually the same price.

The Verandah at Meyerland.

Here’s a photo gallery Of the amenities. Mostly. Floor plan

These are really quite nice. Close in to town. Unit overlooks the pool. It is on the 4th (top) floor. On a stair well, which means neighbors below and on one side only. Definite plus in these kinds of places. Looks like new... It’s not. Bbut they are nice. Hardwoods in the kitchen, tile in the bathroom and carpet throughout the rest. A full size washer and dryer. French doors that lead out to the (small) patio. Windows on one side only. Seems like a nice complex. Fully gated but you know how that goes sometimes.

Now this Quad (fourplex) is a beauty as well.

Built in the 20’s, it is a great old brick building. Windows on three sides. It is FULL of light! Looks like the ORIGINAL wood floors. Full size wood or resin blinds on all the windows. Bathroom is small. Has a separate dining area. Galley kitchen. Fully gated. Covered parking. Stacked washer and dryer. Bathroom is small. And it is in a transitional neighborhood between the 3rd ward and the museum district. Not bad, but could be sketchy. Not that I think I have too much to worry about with that, but it pays to be prudent. It really is a beautiful building. Front porch. Small yard, but well landscaped. Close to both Downtown and the other building near reliant center where my team will be transferred to.

And then I saw these on Craiglist...They are both smack dab in the middle of downtown. And the rent includes all utilities. The rent is so low, comparatively speaking, that I asked myself, “Okay, what’s wrong with them. So I fired off an email to both. No phone was given. The emails I got back were almost exactly the same. Asking for work history and credit score... But either of these units are less than half of what I pay in the house note and utilities every month.

Got some blips on my credit report. But nothing I cannot explain. Score is lower than I thought it would be. I sent them what They asked for, On MONDAY. I hadn’t heard anything by this afternoon so I sent a second email to both asking what gives here...No reply yet.

2016 Main. Annnnnnnnnnnnd 1700 Main. I’d really like to get a look at these.

And I need to make a decision, probably tomorrow. And I’m torn...Like both of the first two.

I think I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel...

Seen some interesting stuff over the last week or so. . A lot of it over priced. But it’s the location, stupid! But I have stories to tell...

Just not tonight.
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