TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

shit. Shit. SHIT! Not Quite Another Frickin' Rant

A few things...

1. I am ashamed of my yard.

I should get out in the front yard (at least) and blow all the oak leaves into a pile. And bagged up. My fromt yard is easily one of the most tacky looking on the street, right now. And then Mow. But I have concerns about my back right now. I apparently blew off my meds yesterday and paid the price this morning when I got out of bed.

I suppose I could wait a few days for improvement :"back" there. Plus I think I may want to buy a new blower vacuum combination. What to do...Bonus' are in on Thursday. So there is that.

2. I may have a few issues (read fetish?) around shoes. I love them.

Went through my shoes last night - this morning really.  Got rid of a lot - but I've still got a lot. Even chucked my Florshiem Imperials that are made of Kangaroo, into the donation bag! Had them for over twenty years. I just cannot wear them any more. At the time they were the most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought. Kept my TEVAS, my watersocks though. Oh and a pair of Sperry flip flops that may yet get pitched.

I won't be buying anymore shoes that ain't Rockports. Learned my lesson. They are easily the most comfortable shoe for my (bad) feet. And even when I tear out the innards so I can use my inserts they still feel good. On. That or NIKEs...

I can deal with almost anything, but when my feet hurt, I am in a word - fucked.

3. My bread and butter.

I belong to the techsupport community here on lj. I have to consider leaving though. I don't post much there. Most of the posts are all about tearing their customers down. I mean really, I've been in support since about 1997. The clueless are the bread and butter of tech support jobs. Even the folks who won't (or cannot) read the effing manual are still the folks we make our living from.

I know that I sometimes do not suffer fools lightly. I have issues with stupidity and ignorance (not the same thing are they?)...but really have you considered - If all you have to say is how dumb, stupid, clueless, rude, etc. your customers are, then maybe you are in the wrong line of work?? If all we had were perfect users, then they wouldn't need US would they? Then where would we be? Playing World of Warcraft all day on the company dime? Nope - we would be in the effing unemployment line...

A little tact and understanding would help. And for god's sake post some good shit every once in a while! (Considering posting this to the community. I'd probably get seriously flamed, but WTF?!?)

4. The frickin' dog and the recliner.

Lately the dog has taken to pissing on the sides and front of my recliner. When he is at home alone. To the point I cannot sit in it until I clean it. Which I plan to do today. Why does the little (releatively speaking. He's a boxer) fucker do that? Because it is a verticle surface? Because he doesn't like me? What the hell? I'm hesitant to spend time cleaning it, if he's just gonna do it again...I'm about ready to do some serious ass whippin'. But I haven't managed to catch him at it...If any one has any suggestions about how to curtail this behavior, I am open to suggestions. I don't want to start locking him up again. But I will if I have to...
Tags: life liberty and the pursuit of happines
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