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Last Row ~ Corner Seat ~ Full Bus ~ I'm Trapped!

The bus I hopped on to this afternoon was nearly full when I got on. The last row was the only one that was still empty, so I took a corner seat. As we progress through the next couple of stops, I thought, ‘Here’s T’s being lucky!’

But no, on the second to the last stop even the back row filled up.

A woman sat down next to me. She immediately pulled her cell out and bitched and whined at whoever was on the other end of the conversation. That conversation over, she called some one else and bitched and bitched and bitched at someone, presumably some friend, until with jolting finality she said, “WhatEVER!” and hung up on the person. She then placed yet another call. I think this one was to her stepchildren. She bitched them out until they hung up on her!

But this wasn’t enough for her. She then called the girls’ father and proceeded to whine and bitch about them, until HE hung up on her too! “Whatever!”

Then she called her BF or current husband, I really have no idea, and considerately told him how he wasn’t doing his job right! He must have fought back some, because she said, wait for it...

WHATEVER!” and hung up on him!

This went on in one form or another until we were pulling into the Park and Ride lot. And THEN she pulled out her headphones and presumably listened to some music. Sheesh! Lady! Please! Couldn’t you have done that 20 miles ago? Don’t you realize that every person for at least 5 rows up on that bus could hear every word you said? And we all think you are a flaming bitch!

Another extremely unhappy person...

People seem to have no consideration for people around them. Cell phones are another nail in the coffin of privacy and no one seems to give a fuck!

And ironically that may have been the last time I’ll ride that bus route...
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