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So after I (sort of) chewed the kid that is the leasing agent at the Verandah for almost leasing me an apartment that was already leased.

Nick is the same age as The Cool One, but he is twisted a little different. We've had several long conversations about a wide variety of things over the last couple of weeks.

Nice to know I can connect with a 20-something that doesn't have to actually connect with me.

We were talking on the phone about what day I was moving.

N: You know, I'm kind of excited about you moving in here.

T: Now why on earth would you be excited about a 50 year old guy moving in here?

N: Well I think you are probably the coolest person I have leased an apartment to, or that I've talked to, since I started work here.

T: *speechless* oh really? If i'm the coolest guy here, then this place is in real trouble, my friend. But thanks, Nick.

Heh heh.

As if...

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