TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Notes from Cube City

Notes on Commuting

Bodysnatchers: If you must drive a 2 door car - and I know they are cool and all - Why don'tcha drive in during non peak hours when the rules are only 2+? I turned down two rides (in a row) from you "oh so cool" folks this morning. Have you ever seen a 6 foot, 250 lb man try to get out of the backseat of a car?...It ain't pretty. Or easy. Some consideration would be nice.

Non Peak Hours on the Katy HOV.

0500-0645 or 0800-1030 AM
1500-1700 or 1800-1900 PM

Better yet during peak hours, why don't you just park at the Park-N-Ride and take the effing bus! Shit!

My other ramblings about Bodysnatchers and slugs can be found here:

The Daily Commute

TexasT's out...
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