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Some Fucking People Are Unbelievable...

What a miserable life it would be to be confined in an 8 X 4 foot cage. I can see on a patio on the first floor here. There is a dog. He or she doesn’t look like it gets much attention. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen anyone interact with the dog yet in the several days I have been here. And I’ve been on my patio. A LOT.

Looks like a sheperd mix of some kind. Very listless. Kind of like the big cats you would see at the zoo. Mopey. If dogs can be said to mope. There seem to be kids there. Bicycles on the patio and such. But there seems to be no one there for the dog.

Why the fuck would you have a dog if all you are gonna do with it is leave it out on a small patio?

I will not be able to watch too much more of that... I’ll have to do something. And soon. Even though it would be termed to be none of my business, this is inexcusable behavior... And these people are allowed (apparently) to reproduce...

Fucking people. Sometimes I hate ‘em.

Tags: stuff i don't like, stupid shit
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