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Yet Another Change in Priorities

I decided late last night that I don’t have too much stuff (well some stuff, anyway), I just don’t have enough storage type space.

With that in mind I went shopping this morning. And my new Living Room will be delivered on Sunday. Of course I’ll have to assemble it. Not really a problem, but four book type cases and a sofa?!? This could take a while. And just where the hell am I supposed to stage all this at? Ain’t got that one quite figured out yet. But I’ve got two days so logistics will come. I hope.

Wotta disaster this place looks like now...

And no you CAN’T see a frickin’ picture! Not YET anyway. Not that I haven’t taken any...*grins*

There’s work to be done, folks. Work to be done, indeed.
Tags: 42, move
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