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Since I Moved...

I can’t remember the last time I worked a full week. Pish-posh, neither here or there really. Didn’t work one this week either. *grins* And I’m off tomorrow too. *heh*

But the days I was there, aside from Monday, when I was in shock from the changes that were made while I was out (not unexpected, just didn’t think about the aspect until I was actually in the office), I’ve had the most productive days this week.

And folks are already saying I don’t look quite so stressed. How the hell did that happen?

Been working mostly problem (with existing accounts) issues this week. And 9 out of 10 of them (at a shot) have been User Admin mistakes. Leave a role off here or there. 1 out of 10 tends to be a user errors. All of them easy to solve. Easy.To. Solve.

I guess I really am feeling better already. Even forgetting to take my second dose of meds about half the time this week.

Feeling right. All is right in my corner of the world. Once I get this apartment together, things will be about perfect. Or as close as I want to expect them to be.

How the hell did that happen? *laughs* Still not willing to take too much crap though. Don’t step on my blue suede shooz, you’ll get a surprise!

Did something tonight I haven’t done in a long, long, LONG time. Stopped by a liquor store and bought myself a 15 year old single malt. Interesting.

I used to keep scotch inna da house. Generally both a blend and a single malt. But we had a room-mate, one of Herself’s BFF’s. Wench liked scotch too. She’d drink mine. And never buy any to replace the stuff she replaced. And Scotch made her a fucking ugly drunk too. Nothing worse than a MENSA capable 6 foot 1, blond, erm, redhead (changed regularly), ugly drunk.

So I stopped buying it. Even after she moved. She moved because things were really getting uncomfortable at the ol’ hacienda. And I was just out of the habit, I guess.

Haven’t cracked it open though. Sticking to the Heineken for now. Gotta be in the mood for that stuff. I just want it to be around if I am in the mood.

Any way it has been a pretty good frickin’ week, self absorbed as I am. *laughs*

Plan to get some more done around here over the next few days. I am tired of trippin’ over boxes and stuff.

I have to think about this damned credenza I’ve got here in the living room. I’m using it as a bench for my A/V equipment. But like the desk I sold, the damned thing is MASSIVE. I could use a little extra space in here and it just sticks way the hell out into the room.

Got one of those black wire frame shelf things out on the porch I haven’t assembled yet. This what I used to use as my “Media” center and I might want to go there again. It would let me spread out a little more in here I think.

Only issue with getting rid of the old credenza is what the hell am I gonna do with all my files? Dunno... Got time to think about a storage solution for those... But the old boy may have to go eventually.

Just sitting here with the patio doors open listening to music. Deep Purple anyone? Those refurbed Bose 301’s I bought really do sound frickin’ terrific. Wherever you happen to be sitting. Can only imagine how it will sound once I get everything situated in here.

Reminds me, I need to look into insurance here.

So how’s by Y’all?
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