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Busy Weekend...

Been reading, not commenting, not posting.

Decided the credenza definitely has to go. Rented a small storage room here at the Apts. I was to the point I just couldn’t turn around and I was (and am) tired of tripping over boxes at every turn. Got the bookshelves up and filled. Need to buy 4 more shelves to get everything divided out right. I’ll put the credenza in the storage room until I decide what to do with it. Will probably sell eventually.

The solution for the A/V issue will take up less space in here than the credenza does and be easier to make changes when necessary. It will also give more options as far as arranging the room as well. Pictures later after I’ve got the behemoth outta here!

Had a COP show up here Thursday night (!WTF!) and then the neighbors (!) after. Screwed around here Friday. Got the bookshelves mostly completed as far as up and the book in ‘em. Anything else still needs to be done. Saturday afternoon I met a co-worker for wings and beer. Today was meant to get the credenza outta here and laundry done. Then The Offspring called. We went out to breakfast and I helped her get some blinds up. We hit a bunch of thrift shops and antique stores which have given me some definite ideas for decorating. We’ll see. Had a late lunch or early dinner with the girl and then was back here to do the laundry (finished) and get the credenza and A/V rack ready (mostly done) for a switcher

Now I’m falling asleep sitting here sooooo.

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