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Snow Garden by Christopher Rice

dod-i-r ’ve been trying to get through this book for about a month now. The author is the son of famed author of the macabre, Anne Rice. Don’t think he inherited much of her talent, though. The guy just doesn’t grab me the way some authors, including Anne Rice, do. I’ve read all of her books and there have only been a couple where I’ve said, “What the fuck, Annie!? What were you thinking?”

Although I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m reading at night in bed after full days. With the mask from The Darth Vader Machine on. Like Pavlov’s dogs, when I put on that mask, it is usually only a matter of minutes, that my eyes are trying to slam shut.

I am sure this wouldn’t be the case if I were riveted into this story. It just hasn’t really engaged me. I’m trying to wade through it before I start Dan Brown’s new tome that I picked up the other night at the grocery store.

The damned thing is only 530 odd pages. I usually tear through books of this size in no time at all. I am a voracious reader. And after a month I’m only half way in. So I may not make it to the finish. Shame too. I’m one of these folks that never met a book I didn’t like. Or at least finish. *laughs*

If I don’t finish this one it will be unlikely he’ll get any more of my entertainment dollahs.
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