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Must Have Picked Up a Bug...Somewhere (and Other Random Bits)

dod-b-r ecause I feel like refried shit. Which is better than hammered shit, but still not good. Felt this coming on over the last day or so. Finally caught me last night I think. Not feverish, but my throat is kind of scratchy, got a cough and my equilibrium seems to be a little off.

Whilst I was moving I must have really given my glasses some kind of a wallop. I can’t seem to get them to stay straight on my face. They are just... Well... off a bit. This might have something to do with my inability to focus clearly on anything. I’ll need to get that adjusted. I’ve tried and I just can’t seem to get it quite right.

Haven’t really decided how to arrange the living room yet. Since everything (well mostly everything) is on those magic slider thingies, I think it will be easy to try different layouts in here Just doesn’t feel quite right yet. I’ll get there.

Gotta get going here before I get distracted*grins* by something else and don’t get these glasses taken care of.

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