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Utterly Frustrated With Work Today

And it is nobody’s fault but my OWN! Made a stupid mistake while doing mass userid updates. Not once but several times. I hate those tickets anyway.

So by the time I realized what was going on I had almost fifty users ~ FIFTY!! FIFTY!!!

So I had about 50 (!!) users that I had to rebuild in multiple systems. Talk about sucking most of a day up. Actually it did suck up ALL OF IT! Was the first issue I worked on today. And it was the LAST ISSUE I worked on today. As a matter of fact,



I’m sure I’ve told y’all they finally got my laptop working right, haven’t I? Well it’s a damn good thing too.

I got sick with bronchitis again. And have been working from home for nearly two weeks. Today is the first day I felt even remotely human. I mean I felt like crap for the last two weeks, but I didn’t want to take any more sick days soooooooooo.

Besides, I would have driven myself crazy with nothing to do. Or not being able to do much except sit around. I tried to do some strenuous stuff and was immediately sorry. Multiple times. As a result I haven’t been out of this apartment for almost a week. Just walking to the damned parking garage would bring on a coughing jag that was so bad people probably thought i was trying to cough up a tumor! Or a lung!

No updates because all I’ve been doing is coughing, working, sleeping and watching TV. I did manage to catch most of the Ken Burns treatment on Our National Parks. I enjoyed that.

So frustrated with work today I think I want some fast food for dinner tonight. Been trying to stay away from that, but after today? Piss on it. Gimme some WENDYS!

Oh, I finally kicked Halo3’s ass on the 360. I wonder if it was he new TV? Only on normal. But hey, I rarely have enough patience to beat any of these games. So I started a game on the Heroic level. It is now Kicking MY ASS! Heh. But it’s still fun.

Well after this smallish rant I feel much better... Don’t you? Off to get some dinner. Laterz
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