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While I was Waiting on the Bus Tonight

After a murderous day. (See previous post) I was farking about with my camera. Bear in mind - It is between 8 and 9 PM. Dark. My camera is a cheap little Fujifilm FinePix A210.

I'm pooped. I know I am going to be waiting for a while (for a bus). So I get the camera out. The batteries are nearly dead. Of course...The last time I tried this, the pictures came out looking like crap. Even after I ran them through PaintShopPro.

Nevertheless I'm bored. So I start snapping a few pictures. When I get home - I'm too tired (and Keyed up) to go right to bed. Plus it's raining like hell so I want to stay up at least long enough to see what the hell the weather is gonna do for the next few days.

Damned Low pressure area in West Texas is sucking moisture up from the gulf and making it rain. But that is another story.

I run them through PSP really quick like. Well. Quick for me anyway. Out of a dozen, I've got 8 that came out fairly decent. And I'm too tired to post them all. So here's a little teaser. Until I get then energy or the time to do a real post.

This is the top of one of my favorite buildings in downtown. It is probably one of the oldest buildings in a town famous for knocking down it's old buildings. Built in the 1940's I think. I give you...The Esperson building. This came out really well, I think...Just had to do a little gamma correction.

Clickois le photographie for a larger view!

Right place at the right time, I reckon!
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