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Found some drapes (sounds more classy than curtains) that both the apartment management and I can live with. Have to show white to the outside for them and block at least 90% of the light coming in for me. So they need to be lined with white. Measured the window in my bedroom.

An astounding 98" wide by 103" from the top of the windows to the floor.

So a question for you on the flist. What would be a good color or combination for matching both my green bedding as well as my blue set? I'm clueless. Sort of.

I am also trying to decide if I actually need or even want a television in my bedroom. Think the only time I've watched in there is right after the cable was hooked up. And with the size of this place I can just go in the other room!

It would seriously improve the clutter factor here if it wasn't as well as giving me other option for the layout of the room! Decision made? Not quite yet.

ETA. Jeebus! I almost made the bed...Furniture is a dark stained oak in Mission style. The blue is nigh on Navy Blue. As to the green...Well

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