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And on the Fifteenth Day...

dod-t-rexasT's woke up and said, "I want a cigarette." And went and bought a pack. And lo, he smoked. And he found it good.
That was Monday...


Feeling a little guilty about that. Well, I'm just going to say that I'm enjoying a temporary setback and leave it at that.


In other news: The internet is a great research tool. I know, "Duh!" I put in "Whitehouse discredits NASA global warming report' into my search box and only got about 250,000 hits. Holy crap! Doing a little research for my story "A Speculative Future" the beginning of which I posted on 6 July. I'll have to narrow rthat list down some, I reckon...Trouble is I cannot seem to remember the name of the scientist who was the author of the report. Ah well, a quest for another day. In the not too distant future. And I need to figure out how I'm going to flood the world. That just sounds wrong...But there you are...

My eyes are burning. Gotta go.

nuff said!
Tags: fiction, scifi, smoking, speculative
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