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Well Day-amn!

I think the oak pollen around here is tryin' to kill me. My head is closed up tighter than a bar during Prohibition! *snerk*

Been trying to get some work done around here but the damned computer keeps calling to me....*grins*

I've been trying, to almost no avail,to get some fencing companies to come over to the house and give me aquote on replacing all or some of my fence in the back yard. In places it is about to fall over and die..(!)

I called at least five fencing companies today and only one called me back. Mah-velous...Must be nice to have so much business you don't even feel the need to call a potential customer back! GRRRRRRR.The guy that did call me back had such a thick accent (over the phone anyway) that I was sure if he was understanding me, much less me understanding him. However, through pantomime and sign language (Just try doing that over the phone, dang it! It's HARD).

At any rate we managed to figure out that I wanted a quote for installing a fence. He asked me if I had measured the area. I said, "No. Do I need to?" DUH! What a dumbass I can be!

He signed back that no, he could do it. Asked me when I was going to be home. I said, "I'm home now..." He indicated that he could come by about 1PM and would that be okay?

Iintimated in the affirmative and said I'd be waiting and we hung up. Ithen decided to go out and measure the fencing. Easier said than done...Over and under plants and (and behind) bushes , planters, ant beds. I was cussing the last owner for planting his stuff too close tothe damned fence. Tripping over huge weeds.WTF? Those have got to go.Jeez! I am so ashamed...But they shall fall under the wrath of mymighty mower tomorrow!

The tape coming unhooked from where I wedged it between two boards. Stumbling over pots. And dog toys.Watching out for land mines (ooooh, that STINKS, dang dog!). Shithappens...(Well, it does!)Managed to miss all those...But the cable boxgot me. Almost went down. Saved by the fence. Ouch! Is that a splinter?

Took longer than I thought it would, but I got the measurements.  5 feet(with a gate), 83 feet 10 inches (let's just call that 84 feet). 60feet 3 inches (with another gate). 85 feet 5 inches. And another 5 footsection (sans gate). So that's about 240 feet.

Wait for it kids, this is relevant later.

While I was waiting for the fence guys to call I decided to see if I couldn't find a yard vacuum that I could rent. There are just too many leaves for me to pick up without help. *Heaven forbid!* This contraption looks like a lawnmower except it has a bigger bag than most of them. And itis lighter. After about an hour and a half calling the various tool rental places, I finally found one that had one of these suckers.*grins* The thing that gave me the idea is I saw one of the neighbors using one last year or the year before. I remember thinking at the time- Sheesh, what a wuss.

But the shoe is on the other foot now.And I think I'm starting to like the taste of crow. You just have to grill it to get the bitter taste out. It ain't too bad with a little Tony ChaChere's Cajun Spice. Or Catsup.

One small issue.The damned thing was busted. Shit! Batting a thousand as usual here at the TexasT's Estate. By this time it was after two in the afternoon andthe guy still hadn't showed to do the estimate for the fence. So I decided to get some lunch and go by the rental place to see if the "Super Suckage Machine"would fit in my Saturn if I were renting one. First stop - the bank ATM for some cash-ola. I'm no sooner pulling out of the bank when Mr.Estimado calls and says he'll be at the house in a few minutes. -G-R-E-A-T! So back to the house I go. A few minutes turns into half anhour, before he shows up. We go on into the backyard.

And he decides to spank me to the tune of $17.00 per foot for a three crossmember fence. $16 per for a two cross member fence. Oh you want arot board along the bottom? Another $1 per foot. Christ!

Okay let's do the math, Friends and Neighbors:
     240 (Feet of fencing)
 X  $19 (per foot)
+$300 (for two gates at $150 a pop)
More than your friend and mine, TexasT's wanted to spend. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more.

Holy crap! I'm shocked. I've got sticker shock over fencing.I tell the guy I am gonna get a few more bids. He says it's cool. Says I'll probably get bids that are lower and higher. (Duh!) Then he gives me some advise for free. Ask how long the posts are that they are gonna use. We use an eight foot post for a fence that is  five and a half feet tall. Are they using galvanized nails? We do. No rust.

Yeah,yeah I know about galvanized nails I'm not a complete boob. Just a lazy one. I used galvanized nails on the section(s) of fence I have had todo repairs on already.  I didn't bother to explain to the guy I wasn't always the pear shaped, white dude that was standing before him now with his mouth hanging open...(Sticker shock, remember?) So I thanked Frank for coming over and sent him on his way.

So I go get some lunch and then mosey (heh - I like that word. Sounds better for a guy than sashay) on over to the rental place. They said sure I could seethe unit. If it were there. What!? It is out for repairs. But it ain't gonna fit in the back of no Saturn, fella! I ask them to see if they can find one here in town. They found me one on the far northside of town, in The Woodlands. Quite a jaunt from Katy. Might as well be South Dallas from here. And it wouldn't fit in my car anyway, so I called The Queen to see if I could use her XTerra tomorrow. She opts to pick it up tonight and stop by the Queen Mother's for dinnah. Cool. M-I-L lives in Spring which is on the way home from The Woodlands, basically. Sort of...A little bit...Maybe...

Call my team mate to see if she had a good time on her Disney Cruise and is she gonna be in the office all week? She says yes. So I say I'll see you next week, but I'll come in and work Friday as by then I'll probably NEED to get the hell away from the house! Call my boss and 'splain to her what's goin' on.And did you have a nice time at your convention in Las Vegas? Turns out her daughter was sick the whole time so of course babies being babies No-One had a good time. Plus she was at work the whole week in the seminars and stuff. R-I-I-I-I-G-H-T... You were in Las Vegas! Don'teven think about lying to me.  Bet her week at work still beat the shit out of mine!

By this time of course it was really too late to do anything except wait for The Queen to get home with the Supah Suckah so I could unload it.

Of course none of those other fencing companies have called me back yet! I'll give them a call tomorrow.

I was dinkin' around this afternoon and evening and made me some new user icons. Whattaya think of them:

All in all not a bad day. Not very productive, but not a bad day, a'tall.
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