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SHIT!DAMN!HELL! Or Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

They re-imaged my work laptop Thursday. This seems tio be the answer for a multitude of computing issues.Most of which could be solved in some other less drastic way, I think.

I think my hard drive crashed. Neither here nor there.

At any-rate the tech brought it back to me Thursday. We connected it up and everything seemed to be working fine.

Seemed to be...

With the threat of inclement weather in the Houston area I was glad to have it back. When I got up this past Friday morning it was just starting the flurry thing outside.

This being the case, I made the executive decision (even though I ain’t now, nor have I ever been one) to work from home. Fired up the machine. The piece of SW we use to connect is no where to be found. Looked High! Looked Low!

Just not here at all. A call to the frickin Help*less* Desk (in Malaysia - And I’ve got problems with Company Malaysians right now) didn’t help much either. Pretty much a wasted hour and a half.

Then decided to go in to see if there wasn’t something I could do if I was hooked up the the *actual* network. I mean I had to work...Right??

I had already missed the last bus into downtown from the Park and Ride, so I drove into town. Parked underground. As I was coming up to the lobby via escalator from the tunnel system, I get a phone call from on of my co-workers. Management had just sent out an email declaring Friday as an inclement weather day. Office would be closing at noon. What time was it? 11:15.


Ok so I was there and I have the on-call phone so I thought I’d go on up and see if I could effect a fix for the damned machine anyway.

Get all hooked up and the mechanism to add said required Software isn’t there. It just isn’t there. So another call to the help desk. This time I got some fella in Winnipeg. Helpful. But still helpless. Opened a ticket to second level support. Whatever.

I packed up and left after sending my boss (in Malaysia. GRRRRRRRR!) an email explaining what was going on.

It was snowing pretty big (some might say sooper size) snowflakes by the time I left the office. Here’s a crappy iPhone picture:


Only camera I had with me that day. What was I thinking?
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