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POOP! *I'm an Idiot!*

Took out my camera this morning to take a picture or two.

And found that I had somehow managed to leave my camera turned on. For gods know how long...

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

And the battery is nearly dead. Now I have a spare so not a big deal. Just plug the depleted one into the charger. Right? WRONG! Cannot locate the charger. Not in my bag. I *think* maybe I took it out of the bag before I left the car to take pictures at via colori. So it should be in my trunk.

Just another thing that kinda tells me that all isn’t quite right at Casa de T’s. I’ll get out there in a bit to make sure.

Oh, the picture? Here:


Why did I snap yet another picture of the pools? Good question. Well it rained here for quite some time last night and into the early morning hours...

Check the ring of dryness around the lap pool (on the left hand side) It just occurred to me. Now why would that one be dry and the other not??

They’ve turned the heater on, I think. WoOT! Just never gave that much thought. But it is what it is, I reckon.
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