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Man, It is Fugly Out Today

Rainy and cold. Blechhhh

Paying my bills today. Then shopping.

Did a chat with ComCast. Trying to reduce my cost. Aside from my rent this is about the most expensive bill I've got. Phone bill is occasionally higher. And it didn’t go that well. Got my bill reduced but at the expense of giving up HBO and Starz. Don’t really care that much as I ain’t watching much of either of them. But that didn’t do much for reducing my bill. Any little bit helps but that may have been too little to really matter. When they’ve got you over a barrel, well they’ve got you over a barrel.

Want to keep the HD, but I have found very little to record with the DVR so I’m thinking I may give the DVR up as well. Just get an HD box. Honestly, I’m not watching that much TV anyway. Very little network stuff and mostly PBS and educational type shows. Meh.

Managed to lock myself out of one of my online bank accounts. So I can’t really see what my current balances are. I know how it happened. Deleted my cookies from FireFox during a cleanup exercise. The damned site asks 3 questions. To which I KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS, but it doesn’t like my formating. Called them to try and get someone on the damned phone but it keeps bouncing me to voice mail. Since I don’t want to leave a frickin’ message Have had to use an alternative route via email. Used to be a CU affiliated with employes of the Clam, but they got greedy and went national. Nothing either on-line or in the branches is as personal as I would prefer.

Happy un-Banking my ASS! Got an email back, they would like my member number. Via email?? I don’t think so. In the fine print it says they would never ask for it via email. I sent them a reply saying call me or send me your name and number and I’ll call you. GRRRRRR. And yes I know it is basically my fault.

My buds that were supposed to have pots and pans for me? Talked to them the other night and apparently the stuff is buried waaaaaay deep in their garage. “I haven’t got to that yet” is what she said. So I’ll be buying myself a set for Christmas it looks like. Don’t mind, but you could told me that it was gonna take so long. So thanks, but I’ll take care of it myself... I’m tired of eating out. *GASP!* Did I just say that?

Heh! Renewed my Drivers License (online) with a change of address and got new auto insurance today as well. YESSSSS!

And all this done or decided before noon!

That cleanup exercise I mentioned up there? Did it on my mac. My HD was down to about 2-4 GB left and it was affecting performance of the machine. Removed a few programs that I no longer use and deleted some Internets stuff and then ran a program called MacCleanse. This little exercise took me a couple of hours all said and done. But it freed up a WHOPPING 76 GigaBytes! I was shocked! The drive itself is about 160GB with about 20 taken up by MAC OSX. I got half my storage back. The machine is now a screamin’ speed demon like it was when I bought it! WOOT!
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