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The Duty Phone Rang as I was headed Out the Office Door...

Sitting here in the apartment, the patio doors open, sippin’ a cold one.

About 4:30 I was getting ready to leave the office when the bat-phone (duty phone) rang. I’ve got this damned thing for the month of December. We carry the thing for a month at a time. Was logged off, the was computer shut down. Had my jacket on. Seriously I was almost out the door.

Considered letting it go to voice mail. Half the time when we do that whoever it is doesn’t even leave a message. It doesn’t even ring that often really. I picked it up.

SAP Security. This is tom.

Hi tom, this is Sandy and I have kind of an emergency here. I got this number from (one of my damned) co-workers who shall remain nameless, Out of Office message.

Ok (Making a mental note to throttle said co-worker as we don’t share that with anyone - User should call the Help-desk they are supposed to evaluate and call us) What is the nature of said emergency?

I need to know what roles a given transaction is in? I can’t seem to find it.

*Thinking and this is an emergency for a Friday afternoon?* Sandy. you literally caught me walking out the door. Let me log back on and call you back. What is the transaction?

She gave me some obscure transaction and we rang off. I logged back in and ran the report to find the role(s). And lo and behold. It isn’t in any end-user role. Some batch roles and support roles. Called her back.

Well Sandy, you couldn’t find it because it isn’t in any end-user roles. If that bunch needs someone to run it in production, they’ll need to contact the support desk and an Emergency user ticket will need to be raised. But seriously on a Friday afternoon?

I know. This bunch is known for this kind of crap.

Well have them call the SD if it really is an emergency, they’ll get a ticket to 2d level support and the approver will call *ME!* and I’ll issue the ID.

I’ll have them do that, tom.

OK...Have yourself a great weekend!

*hangs up*

And don’t get me started on the call I got from Glasgow this morning about another issue. Wasn’t even at my desk. Had them send us an email. As soon as I opened the email, probably less than 5 minutes later, I suddenly was carrying on 5 different IM conversations wondering what was taking so long.... Shheeeeeeeesh. Had to explain the process*twice * to members in the Business unit. And tell the second line folks to back off so I could find them an ID to use. They were all assigned.

Honestly I could have solved that one in less than half the time if I hadn’t had to address and explain what was going on every minute.

Legitimate call but Jeebus.

Glad it’s Friday I am.

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