TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Simple Things

I have been reveling in simple things lately. No difference today.

Sitting here munching on a pair of perfectly grilled (with one of my new pans!) Sourdough and sharp cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches... I didn’t even scorch them or the pan.

Didn’t get much of what I set out to do today done, but so what. Tomorrow is another day! And I got some of it done.


Had brunch with The Offspring, her mother cadona, and her Gran Ma-ma who is visiting from Florida. And already driving her daughter ‘round the bend a little.

After that the kiddo and I ran some of her errands and did a little shopping. Hers, not mine. People are effin’ nuts out there.


@ eats_veggies Dorie - Looks like we’re a go for Christmas Eve. You want me to call you over the next few days?

And please don’t make a fuss over me! Okay, well maybe a little fuss! I’ll take up the offer of the couch too. I’ll be gone pretty early the next morning to. It will be so good to see you again! Looking forward to meeting Marcel as well.


Discovered my home theatre setup DOES have a headphone jack, so I can play stuff as loud as I want.

My 360 Crack game Borderlands never sounded so good.
Tags: 42, chef t, i can do it!, simple things, stuff i like
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