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Some Days I Hate Being in IT Security

Apparently one of our systems didn’t come back online after a routine maintenance outage. I became aware about noon.

And my laptop is in *sigh* BOAT ANCHOR mode again. Had to call a co-worker to handle the issue. So far:

Talked to one guy from Holland twice
One guy from London
My co-worker several times.
A situation manager
A helpdesk agent

The last conversation was a four way ~ Me, Situation Manager, Helpdesk agent, My co-worker, and a change manager.

Oh wait! That’s 5.

Here’s the deal.
We issued a superuser ID to a guy from infrastructure support. He says the password doesn’t work.The infra structure support guy then calls EVERYONE he knows and tells them we screwed it up. Then they all call me. We did our part. Not our fault the guy cannot input a frickin’ password correctly. This is what happens when you outsource your infrastructure support.

I don’t dare leave the apartment because if they don’t get some resolution soon, I’m gonna have to go to the office and log on from there. Did I say my laptop was going to be sitting at the bottom of the pool pretty soon? BECAUSE I’M GONNA TOSS IT OFF MY FOURTH FLOOR BALCONY if I have to go in to the office, it will be splashy time for this piece of $hi#!!

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