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Free At Last! Free At Last!

Good God All Mighty I’m Free At Last.

The Asians came on shift at around 5:00 so I was released from servitude to the damned Bat phone. Gotta lug my laptop in tomorrow though and try and figure out WTF!?

And no I didn’t launch my laptop off the patio into the pool... That would be silly! I’d aim for concrete, where I could have the satisfaction of watching the stupid machine SHATTER into a thousand pieces! Of course they’d probably want me to pay for it. And take some anger management course or something or other. Why waste my time and money. I’m really not that angry anyway. *grins*

At any rate while I was pining for freedom *grins* I started playing with the Digital Photo-Frame I brought back out of my storage room. Had a few tense moments of frustration when I managed to change the default language into frickin’ chinese!! Thing comes with a remote and get this: bluetooth (!) Haven’t played with that particular feature yet. The dang thing didn’t come with a manual. I think it was a return or something.

After I managed to reset the defaults (which are in English for some reason, I looked through some of my pictures over the last three years or so. Yanno, I don’t take half bad pictures when I’m inspired.

There are months when I shoot very little or even NO pictures.

The there are other months that are at the complete other end of the spectrum! Hundreds of photos shot. Think I have a month or two that were over a THOUSAND! My philosophy on photography is since it is digital, if one is good then 10 is better! *heh* Bound to get at least one or two that are presentable.

So I loaded up 120 of my favorite photos onto a spare memory card and slotted it into the frame. Had to tweak the display settings a bit. But it looks pretty good.

Then I looked out my bedroom window and what did I see? Eight tiny reind- Naw I didn’t see that. I saw this!


Shot out of focus on purpose. And then there’s this:

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