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Oh Well.

Getting a VERY late start this moirning. Going into the office because my laptop still doesn’t have all the tools I need to work efficiently from home. I’ll tqke care of that today.

Trying to decide whether to Park and Ride or drive. Driving is winning (even though it is expensive to park) because I’m not planning to stay all day. Plus I’m really late. Only team member in the USofA that is working today so I cannot take the day off.

No matter.

No plans for NYE. Might just stay home and have a drink around midnight... Or I may hit some bar.

Might see if I can hookup with The Canadians. Or not. Haven’t seen them since forever. But I was pretty pissed. Miss ‘em though. And they were pretty damned good to me when I needed it. Love ‘em to death.

I might get pleasantly buzzed but there will certainly be no overdoing of the drink. Been so long since I done that. Like last NYE? I hate hangovers so...

I owe, I owe. It’s off to work I go!

Happy New Year, Y’all!
Tags: 42, the daily commute, work

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