TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

All Ready back at the Apt

Standing on my patio with a cold frosty beer in my other hand.

Although '09 wasn't a particularly good year for me, I gotta say it could have been a helluva lot worse. Or better.

I wasn't gonna do one of those retrospective posts, but maybe I will afterall. At any rate I am gonna go back and have a look at the year that was. Probably be good for me.

Also trying to decide if I wanna make the trip to the (a) liquor store and pick up some Baileys or equal, so I can have it in my coffee in the morning.

Probably will crack open the bottle of single malt I bought when I moved in here. Still sitting on my kitchen counter unopened.But not till about 10 of 12.

Before you ask ~ Glenfiddich 15 years old. Should be tasty enough to toast in the new year with!

Think the Irish cream quest is probably on as well.

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Tags: 42, life liberty & the pursuit of happiness, via ljapp
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