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How Not To Meet Your Neighbors

I was sitting at the PC reading all your entries for the weekend and ripping some music from the CD's I bought yesterday while I was out pricing a new Steam Cleaner for the house. I knew which model I wanted and already had pricing for most of the Big Box Stores. Except for Fry's and Circuit City. (I actually bought the machine from Sears)

But I picked up the music from Frye's. The Soundtrack from the movie, "O Brother Where Art Thou?" BTW in your friend and mine, TexasT's opinion, this is a film well worth seeing, and the frickin' soundtrack is nothing short of great! If you like bluegrass music with a little blues thrown in. I do...It (Bluegrass) is probably the only true, totally American music genre. JMHO. A 2 disc compilation of BB King from Mendacy Entertainment. But the best deal of the day was probably this 4 disc boxed set of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, Take Me Back To Tulsa from Proper Records, Ltd. Out of the UK?? So it is an import as well! You might be able to tell my musical tastes are a bit all over the board! I listen to a bit of everything!

At any rate, I had just finished moving a few dozen tunes to my Palm LifeDrive and was updating my play lists in PocketTunes when the doorbell rang. It was my neighbor from across the street.

He "I believe I have just backed into your Saturn!"
Me "Oh Shit!"
He "I KNOW, I'm sorry. But I need you to come out and take a look."
I was (of course) already out the front door. "Well let's have a look..."
It wasn't too awfully bad. Dented the driver's side door and scratched the paint a bit. And he offered to pay (cash) to have it fixed...I'll have to see about getting an estimate for the dang thing next week. Shit!

Other News:
Looks like the last of the three contractors I got bids for the fence from will get the job. Just the back part too! Need to call them this week.

Had a new washing machine delivered on Saturday. The trannie in the old one had seized up.

Went to some old friend's (R & M) after my Steamer purchase yesterday to hang out and chill. I was over on their side of town so I called and they said come on by! We got one of those mini kegs of Heineken on ice! Yum! And apparently I got a little tooooooo chilled, as the lady of the house confiscated my keys, fed me dinner, and put me to bed. A good time was had by all, though.

We all went to Brazos Bend State Park (R and M, M's mother, who is suffering the ravages of Alzheimers, one of M's friends, who is from Holland, from the lab where she works, myself and 4 dogs!)this morning for a nice walk on the trails. Saw all manner of wildlife and photographers of said wildlife (Friend "R" was one of them). This park is an ideal location for birding...Also saw over a dozen gators ranging in size from about 12 inches to over 12 feet(!). Plenty of wildflowers too! Although I didn't see one bluebonnet the whole trip.

The shirt I was wearing though had too much polyester or something in it, as by about 3/4 of the jaunt I was bathed in sweat! Sounds like a candidate for goodwill to me...Not sure how far I walked but we were there for almost 4 hours! Walking the whole time too.

It was so nice to have normal conversation with friends for a change. Yesterday afternoon and this morning.They are terrific folk, and I love them dearly for letting me, shattered and scattered person that I can be, hang out with them.

Drove back to the hacienda, had to park in the street (See the connection here?) as the Ex-Room mate's car was in the driveway. She and The Queen were just serving up steamed Crab legs and asparagus for lunch! SCORE! I conversed with the Ex Roomie for a while and went up to take a shower, and put fresh clothes on. Looking at the back yard a while later, I discovered the ground has been covered by Oak pollen. (Oh my sinuses hurt just thinking about it)

All in all - just a fabulous weekend! Hope every one had one too!

Back to work tomorrow!
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