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What? Who? Where?

So, firmly ensconced in my apartment for the night. Sitting here at the computer drinking a glass of water, listening to music (would you believe the soundtrack from “Midnight Express”?) and surfing a little, reading y’all’s posts or lack thereof *grins*. Seems you all have lives.


A nice quiet productive day at Cube City. I felt it to be productive. Once I managed to get there *laughs*. Of course I think the Asian Overlord’s idea of productive and mine are somewhat different. Only a couple of folk on the floor today.

Had a couple of short conversations via IM today with some folks in Malaysia. Thought about the Asian Overlord a bit today as well. Haven’t really heard a peep out of him since the news about our jobs came down from on high. Pretty much OK with that.

Bailed just a little earlier than is usual for me.


Been out and had a nice dinner with phoenixisrisen at Los Tios. We were gonna go to Fadi’s but strangely it was closed early. A true WTF?! moment.

As I was locking my apartment door my next door neighbor was also locking her door and then running up the hall. Really nice looking young black gal. Looks good running in heels too. *leers* Had myself a goooooooood look.

“Run, girl, RUN!” *heh~heh*

Dinner was pleasant. Good conversation. As always.


The quest for Irish Cream has been fulfilled. Liquor store was B-U-S-Y-! Imagine this is one of their best sales days.

Opted for Saint Brendan’s rather than Bailey’s. Because I am a cheap bastard...


Think I have found my next two bits of geekery swag...

Wacom Bamboo Touch. It actually looks like a viable mouse replacement. Uses gestures similar to the touch pad on the MBP’s or iPhone or the iPod Touch. Cool stuff! Won’t be a big stretch for me as I already have an intuos I use for other things... Pre touch tech though. The one I have is nearly as long and wide as my (closed) MBP! The bamboo is about the size of a good trackball I think.

The other is the Slimkey V2 Stand with USB2.0. Go a long way to help me with clutter on my workstation here at the house when I’m not using the computer. AS IF! I. Am. Never. Using. The. Computer. *laughs*


Happy New Year to you all, my friends!

May 2010 be kind to all of us!

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