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Holy Hannah! What a Box of Treasures

I just opened one of the boxes I hauled in from my Storage room out in the hinterlands.

Chock fulla treasures.

My granddad’s pocket watch, he got for his confirmation.

All manner of pictures. A pile from Herself’s and my wedding down in the Caribbean. A few of my youngest sister’s wedding. Some pics that were taken of my sisters and I and my cousins when we buried my aunt. Pictures of Mom’s family

And the weirdest things of all ~ Pictures of some of my ancestors. I know who some of these folks are. Well a lot of them. Then there are some I think are friends of either my mom or my gram. And then there are a pile of pictures from folks who I don’t have a CLUE about. I’m sure they were given to me for a reason so I cannot just pitch them. But jeebus! I’ve got a genealogy package here somewheres that my Gram gave me a long time ago. I’ll have to check it out.

Couple of pictures from my (1st) Mom’s wedding.

Man, there are one or two pictures here that I am sure, are from the late 1800’s. One of the Patriarch of my Gram’s family that was taken in Stavanger, Norway.

There’s even one of a guy from Norway (A Larsen) that eventually settled in Gretna, Louisiana.

Some small things my kids gave me. A couple of stone wands that were given to The RedHead on the occasion of our wedding at Texas Renaissance festival.

And a bunch of trinkets and stuff.
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