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Decided it would be a good idea to clean up my Gmail account. Don’t think anyone needs 4800 separate pieces of email even though the storage they give you (even) for a free account is ridiculous.

In retrospect however, maybe not such a good idea. They can’t make it too much harder to do. Just tried to do a display of a certain set of criteria. For example this could be a conversation between TexasT’s and Gmail:

TexasT’s: “Gmail! Show me a list of emails that have the text *LJ Comment* in the ‘from’ field.”

Gmail: “No problem TexasT’s. Here!” Gmail presents a list of [thousands] 50 at a time.

Yes I know, dammit. Thousands WTF!?!

TexasT’s: “Thanks! Now show me the oldest ones first!”

Gmail: “What?! What do you want that for? No can do, pal!”

TexasT’s: “I. Want. To. See. The. Oldest. Ones. First.”

Gmail: “Sorry, dude.”

TexasT’s: “Gmail! NOW!”

Gmail: “ The monkeys inside the machine are laughing at you! And I’m still not gonna do it...”

TexasT’s pounds the desktop cursing the goobers at google! “_()*(@*&@191=!!”

So I am doing this manually. Argh! I can produce a list of emails for the criteria above. But the little link that usually says “Oldest >>” is somewhat conspicuously absent... And once I started this I cannot stop! OCD much T’s?

Dammit. I have other stuff I need to be doing. Like setting up my scanner/copier BW laser printer. Or tidying up a bit or hanging pictures. Or any other myriad stuff but noooooooooooooooooooo... Must finish. Gmail...


Shit it’s cold out today 47F. Yeah right. Not outside my door! Glad I’ve got someplace warm to sit and look out at it. Looks like more of the same for tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.


Decided I’m gonna keep a sleep diary for a while. My pattern seems to be changing again. I’m sleeping better, no doubt about it. Just like a baseline.


Decided to have some of these cookies The RedHead sent down from Colorado. Had some with some green tea. Girl’s gotten much better. Or maybe her Mom helped. *grins* At any rate they’re good!


Found some smelly candles that were given to me by a visiting student from Scotland for Christmas a couple of years ago. Funny they’re all sea flavored. Put the mediterranean one on. Nice scent.


Downloaded a couple new Apps for the iPhone. A grocery list and one for ‘Getting things done“. Haven’t synced them yet. We’ll see how those work out. Sync ‘em later.


There are just some songs that need to be listened to as loudly as possible. Even if they hurt. Physically or emotionally. Can’t do that through my stereo since I moved out of the house any more. Thankfully I’ve got decent Headphones. Hell I’ve got enough wattage and good speakers, I could probably blow out half the windows in the building.

Highlights from my iPod

Madonna ~ Love don’t live here anymore
Lucinda Williams ~ Can’t let go
Glory of Byzance ~ Hymne des Cherubins
Steppenwolf ~ Magic Carpet Ride
Talking Heads ~ Burning Down the House
Soggy Bottom Boys ~ You’re in the jailhouse now
Jan Hammer ~ Theme from Miami Vice*I know right!?*
Queen ~ Seaside Rendezvous
The All American Rejects ~ Swing Swing
Mamas and the papas ~ California dreamin’


I’ve gotta go now ~ My Gmail account is mocking me...

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