TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

Shameless Plug!

Scooter, eh?

Nice to know I still have some readers outside of LiveJournal! My friend Jules and I started conversing across the pond a couple of years ago via email. Has it been that long already?! Sheesh...

He reeped orf my "Which Muppet Are You?" post last week and credited me to one of my other blogs! TexasT's Forays In 1:160. I haven't been actively updating there lately (Hopefully soon!) But there should still be some content of interest to you folks that are into Model Railroading. My primary interest is in N Scale (1:160) but my posts are not limited to 1:160. Check it!

Jules is an avid Model Railroader (And web developer) and charts his progress for various MRR projects on his website, Small World Layouts. Pay him a visit, and tell 'im TexasT's sent you!
Tags: blogs, internet, memes, modelrailroading, web, woot!
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