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Huntin' Stuff

After work yesterday I went in search of a new pair of gloves and a possible purchase of a new hoody. The hoody I’ve got now is fleece and usually lives in my office. Cold in there all the time it seems. And I want to leave it there. Just the right weight for that.

Why? We’re having a cold snap that could possibly set records in the Houston area. And apparently I’ve lost a pair of gloves that have been with me for over 10 years. Good ones too. Thinsulate lined. I’ve searched high and low for days now. I suspect that I lost them on the bus. Anyone with any sense would NOT have turned these in. Knitted on the outside, thinsulate on the inside. Funny thing with thinsulate, you need to be warm when you put it on. More than once I put those gloves on when my hands were cold and they stayed cold for a lonnnnnng time.

At any rate, I hit Meyerland last night, First I went to Steinmart. Surprised they had very little outerwear for men. I did find a couple of nice, reasonably priced picture frames. Not a total loss then. Hit Old Navy up next as I had seen a co-worker with a nice thick hoody from there. No dice. All very thin and flimsy.

Tried Academy next. Accosted a young man there with my very specific hoody needs. Zip front and light enough to fit under another coat. Not too expensive. Logo? Don’t really care but I’d rather not be a garish walking advert for some clothing company. I like to layer my warmth. In Houston it is a requirement for comfort. No dice. All pull overs. I hate those things. Quite surprised I was.

I did manage to find a nice pair of gloves. Probably overkill, but you never know. Waterproof, with traction spots on the palm and fingers. Thinsulate lined as well. SCORE!

Very hard time believing they didn’t have a hoody that met my requirements. Looked in the work clothing. Had some but most were canvas and more like parkas. Was about to give up, when I passed the hunting clothing. Let’s have a look. Found one nicely lined. Not too heavy, and zip front. Best of all 20 bucks! SCORE! Brazos Brand.

So apparently the hunters get all the cool (and warm) stuff around here. *grins*

Nicely done.

Went from there to the grocery store and had to stop for gas after. By the time I got home it was about nine and I was BUSHED. Made a couple of PB&J’s and some chips. Didn’t want to waste the time cooking anything. Besides I LOVE PB&J. Washed down with a glass of milk. Read for a while, surfed a little and finally gave up and went to bed.

Productive day. Yeah. *THUD!*
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