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Today I...

Had my gloves, hoody and coat. All good.

When I got out to the car however, to drive to the park and ride, since I had parked on the top floor of the garage, the windows and mirrors of the Saturn Express were quite iced over. Hadn’t expected a freeze because I hadn’t listened to the news until this morning. That took a while to rectify.

Got to work late and then realized sometime after 2:00 that I had worked straight through lunch time. Guess I was really into it. Nahhh. That couldn’t be it. Anyway decided to leave work about an hour early because I was starving. Well, I was really hungry anyhoo.

Got to the house and popped a ChilliMac concoction I got at the central market counter at HEB last night, into the oven and put on some lima beans. Parked my car on the 3rd level tonight.

When everything dinged I sat down to eat. And...

Found it goooooooooood. So I ate too much and am currently somewhat miserable. Too tired to do much about it though. And of course I did manage to get some on my shirt! Just a little Smeah. But a smear nonetheless. Load of wash ensues. There’s enough of that left over I can eat it for lunch tomorrow and Thursday I think.

Am still trying to get through the Gmail crap, But my account is no longer mocking me.

Still trying to find a place for everything in here. I hate feeling like I live in a mess. Recent development for me. I mean I can keep a kitchen straight, and a bathroom tidy. But at my desk, in the living room and bedroom order has yet eluded me. I guess I’m still trying to figure out how I want everything configured.

Need to get out of the storage room down the hall. Only 50 bucks a month but I do not like having to pay TWO storage bills.

Got a shelf unit in there I think I’m gonna pull this weekend and put into the bedroom. The extra flat space should lend itself to a sense of order. I’ll take whatever boxes are left out to the other storage room. Along with a couple of chairs. And that will leave just the damned credenza and my bicycle in there. Think I’m gonna sell the credenza on Craiglist and move the bicycle in here or onto the patio. If I have to look at it every day it may compel me to get on it more. I’ve been lazy.

Next payday I think I’ll be able to order my curtains.

Guess you actually can get used to almost anything, because the light seeping in from behind the blinds doesn’t seem to bother me as much. Sleeping better as far as I can tell. Might actually sleep longer if the alarm didn’t have to go and wake me up! Dunno for sure yet. The sleep chart I’m doing should tell me something though. Have a better idea after the two week period.

What does bother me though is the temperature difference I can feel a foot or so back from the window. Curtains should help with that as well.

Decided I will NOT be going in to the office on Thursday. Take it as my personal Holiday. Friday is my day off. According to the weather reports I’ve seen it is supposed to be pretty frickin’ miserable from Thursday on. Besides another four day weekend will do me some good.
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