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Sleep is still a precarious thing for me.

Was in bed by 10:15. Asleep before 11:00. Awake at around 01:00. Wide awake. No idea what it was that woke me.

Could have been a bizarre dream I seem to remember shreds of. Could have been my dinner? Dunno. No idea.

Got up for a while. Laid back down and read for a while. Turned off the light because my eyelids were trying to slam shut. (Or so I thought) No dice. So up again. Another hour or so and I’ll go ahead and turn the coffee pot on.

Shit! I have to work today... TODAY!!

Where’s the irony? I was just talking about how much better I was sleeping. *sigh*

The dream thing is strange too... I haven’t remembered too many of my dreams since I got The Darth Vader Machine. wasn’t even sure if I was dreaming there for a while. But don’t you go insane if you don’t dream? *grins*

But now sometimes when I’m sleeping I realize I’m dreaming. Still don’t usually remember them but they are there.
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