TexasT's (texasts) wrote,

So Lessee...

So the weather is looking pretty good out the window right now. Sunny, clear and cool. Cold for us Texans, but probably cool for the rest of y’all.

What happened to the nasty?

I know it’s coming. But still.


So, been to CVS and the grocery store.

Actually remembered to take my eight bucks in extra bucks with me. SCORE! So instead of $25 I spent 17.

Took coupons with me to the grocery store too. I wonder why Heineken doesn’t do store coupons?HA!

Anyways my 1st time to do that in a long time. Only saved about 5 dollars. Out of seventy-nine and change. I’m sure I will get better at that.

My fridge / freezer and my pantry still look like a guy is buying the groceries though. S’OK I’ll get better at that too.

But I’ve got supplies for the next few days, so mission accomplished.
Tags: 42, changes
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