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No, not my navel.

But I have a dilemma of sorts. And you can help! Design on a dime! I cannot hang any pictures or mirrors on the walls in my bedroom until this is resolved.

ETA More pics by request...

First, there is this beast. This is supposed to be called a mule chest. Back in the day I suppose only a friggin’ mule could haul it. It is massively heavy. Thank the gods for sliders.


Then there is this. I have two. They are full size Billy bookcases from IKEA. This one is in my bedroom. The other is in my storage room down the hall.


One of my goals for this year is to GTFO of that storage room down the hall. A means to that end is bringing the other one back down the hall and into the bedroom. And I could use the storage (or flat surfaces) it would afford as well.

Let’s do the dimensions.

The chest is 65“ L X 18-1/2” W X 45“ H.
The book cases are 31-1/2” L X 11“ W X 79” H.

There are two other dimensions that need to be considered:

The length of the wall between the window and the arc of the open Bedroom door is about 12 feet.

The other dimension to be considered is the distance between the foot of the bed and the chest (or dresser)...26 inches.


No matter what I do I cannot get around this one. Unless I turned the bed completely sideways in the room. Which I might consider. But I don’t really think that will work either. A possibility after I get the drapes up.

So here it is. Assume the wall with the window is on the left here and the door is on the right:
W(all) C(hest) B(ookcase) D(oor)

  1. W C B B D
  2. W B B C D
  3. W B C B D
  4. Just do nothing.
If it isn’t too much of a pain I may just have to try them all. I’m leaning towards 2 or 3. Option 2 would give me more room at the window. 3 might look cool, but then again it might darken the room too much. Number 4 is not really an option.

Because serene_orangeasked for a 360. Well I can't do that - No video on a D60. So...

(Honestly I think you just wanted a look at my room...)As you walk in the doorway:


Standing in front of the window and dresser (2)


Standing between the bed and the window:


Taken from inside my closet (!)


What do you think?
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