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Anyone use Online photo labs? Which ones do you like? I want to get some 8X10’s or even 5 X 7’s of some of my pictures done. Haven’t used one before.

Experiences good and bad would be appreciated.


Yesterday I went to emusic.com with the sole intentions of doing my downloads and then canceling the service. I pay for 30 downloads a month and more often that not I forget. The I see the charge and ya know, Dammit I’ve missed another month!

Thier music selection has gotten much better over the last year or so, but if I don’t remember to do my downloads, then it is wasted money. So I went in looked around found some stuff I think I might like. The I got distracted and logged out.

When I finally logged back in, the first screen said something along the lines of, “We’ve missed you. You haven’t been here for a while, How about a FREE MONTH!? Click Here.”

DING! Right answer! Clicked. Will set myself a reminder to buy my stuff from now on.

So I’ll cancel in March. *Heh* Maybe


All the responses I got from this post: Contemplating... were (and are) much appreciated.

One of the replies from this was from nodressrehersal. She left a link to this design tool:

icovia. It is from HGTV in Canada. Very easy to use. Every thing all the furniture and stuff is sizable. Give it a try. It’s really kind of fun!

Works better if you use the right dimensions though! Oops! Do over!

Got me to thinking though, I have a perfectly good CAD tool right here on my computer. Got that up and running, but it’s been a while so I’ve kinda had to re-learn it as I went along. Ah well. TurboCad for Mac Looks like I need an update though. I’m two versions behind.


Had a coupon for BBandB And I needed a 12 in Skillet. Moseyed in there yesterday found one (with a cover) on sale to boot. Wandered around the store for a while. I love that place.

When I went to check out I whipped my coupon out for 20% off my entire order. And the cashier refused to take it.

Gave me 20% off everything in my cart, but said I should save THAT one for a big shopping day. We had a good conversation standing there. (there was no-one behind me thank god) Lotsa laughs all around. Cute kid.


I’m well fed, warm. Basically just fat, dumb and happy. Well all except the dumb part. Made myself some bacon and eggs this morning and I’m well into my second 1/2 pot of coffee.

Dishes are done. Kitchen has been policed. Laundry is done and put away. Newspaper was delivered this morning. (first one! Subscribed to the Sunday edition only.)

Furniture has NOT been moved yet. *Heh* Life keeps getting in the way.
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