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Random Bits... And Bytes

Asked this question before here I’m sure. Do y’all prefer one post with the random bits in it or several posts a day. I’ve seen folks apologizing for making two post in a day. Time was I’d make half a dozen or more.


I didn’t sleep at all last night.

AT ALL. WTF...?! Sure as hell will tonight though.

By 9 this morning co-workers were looking at me, “WTF are you doing here?” And they were right. I’d all ready missed the last outbound morning bus, so called The Offspring to see if she cold give me a ride to the Park and Ride so I could pick up my ride and get here to the house.

We had a nice breakfast out before I picked up the car. Our conversation ran the gamut. I’m sure she thinks I am a difficult old guy. But a 25 YO trying to give me advise... Heh. Of course if relevant I’ll take advise from anyone. I’m sure my innate orneriness exacerbated by exhaustion is pretty hard to deal with.


Siting here gazing out the window at a bright sunshiny day. Cool, but still bracing. You know I haven’t minded the cold here in the last week or so.

Drinking a cup of green tea. I’ll have an early dinner I think and make it an early to bed kind of night.


The Offspring saw Avatar with her Mom this weekend and they both agree. Special effects are great. The story and script as well as the acting leave a little something to be desired. Haven’t seen it myself.

What say you?


Something is making my mac do a forced restart at times. Annoying as hell.


Watched all three of the Matrix flicks this weekend. They are looking kind of dated. Carrie Moss and Keaunu Reeves are so stiff they could be emoting trees for Chrissakes.


I got more but my eyes keep trying to slam shut. Reckon this will do.
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