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Oh boy! Here he goes again. Remember this post? Contemplating.

There were some really good suggestions there. Over the last week, I got my CAD program (TurboCAD for Mac and I need and am eligible for an upgrade) up and did some measurements around here. I did a layout scheme of the main living areas. Bedroom, livingroom, patio. Well really I did nearly the whole place. Not such a big deal really considering the size. But I detailed the areas that I want to deal with here. Not really happy with the whole layout I’ve got going in here and I think there’s got to be a better way.

So I measured most of the furniture as well. And have been playing with this for a while.

Man, am I glad I invested in a graphics pad and pen right after I got my Mac. I have an intuos3 by Wacom. They no longer make these (Now it’s intuos4)

Anyways I’ll continue to tweak. Then maybe I’ll have some stuff to show.


I think it will be a mostly stay at home kind of day today. Weather is nasty. Not too cold but rainy and wet.

Gonna pay the bills today and maybe order some drapes for the bedroom. YES!
Tags: 42, apartment life
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