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OMG! So Good! Good For You? Probably NOT!

So. Made White Cheddar Mac and Cheese for dinner tonight.

And just for grins...

I cubed and tossed some SPAM! in there as it was sitting there in the pot. Resting. Yeah that’s it. Resting.

Lest you think I have completely lost my mind, I also tossed in some steamed PEAS! So there was some green in there too. **grins**

OMG OMG! So frickin’ good. Enough left for another meal or two...

Washed it all down with cranberry juice. Which I don’t think I like so much. Like CranGrape and CranRaspberry. I mean I love cranberry sauce so I figured... Alas.

I’ll finish the damned jug of the stuff, but after that I’ll move back over to crangrape. Or cranrasp.

I wanted something for dessert. Rooted around in the kitchen for something. Instead I went and folded a load of laundry and then washed the dishes.

Not like I needed it anyway. Well, I needed to fold the laundry. I didn’t need dessert.
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